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23 novembre 2015
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Revolutionary Health and Anti-Aging Breakthrough with your Own Stem Cells and Telomeres

Poor diets, exposure to toxins, stress and the aging process challenge your health every day.

Specifically, these factors slow the production, release and activity of stem cells—key players in maintaining optimal health and keeping your body and mind in a more youthful state.

Many people do not realize that adult stem cells and telomeres play a key role in the natural renewal of your body and are essential for the maintenance and repair of organs and tissue throughout your lifetime.
SE3 is a 100% natural blend of 6 key ingredients (AFA, Astragalus, Aloe Macroclada, Turmeric, Undaria Pinnatifida, Cordyceps) that supports a more significant increase in the release of your body’s own stem cells, optimizing cellular renewal and healthy aging. Lire la Suite